About Us


I started learning to play Billiards at Schwerter PBC when I was 19 years old. I would never have thought to find this sport so fascinating.


Shortly after that I did an apprenticeship as a carpenter.Shortly after that I did an apprenticeship as a carpenter.At that moment I did not even think that the combination of those both abilities would indicate my future professional path.


Thanks to strict discipline and hard training within one year I could move from playing in Kreisliga to 2. Bundesliga. The most significant achievement of my so far career was becoming German Champion with PBC Bork in 2008.I was employed until 2006 in my profession and then at the beginning of 2007 I started working at a Billiards company where there was a small workshop.


I enjoyed my job and I already knew that one day I would like to produce pool billiards queues. Thanks to my acquired knowledge and skills such as wood work, lacquering and capacity of operating precision machines;


I completed my first try at billiards queues production. However, under consideration of diverse factors such as weigh, wood work and others, this topic appeared to be even more than complicated. From this place I would like to thank cordially two recognized queue producers. They guided me in recent years not only in the practical way but also giving me theoretical advice and information for the website.


Thanks to that new information and my own experience I was able to manufacture my own billiards queues on the basis of my costumers’ necessity. As there were many players interested in my manual skills and in ordering particular products, on 15th July 2010 I decided to open my own company.


Among my priorities are definitely high quality standards and my costumers’ satisfaction. Therefore, I equipped my workshop with precision machines such as digital lathe, C N C and small portable lathe.